Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Mothers Day Gifts

When I got married a few years back, I discovered fairly quickly how much the gift giving processes of my life were going to change, forever. Before I tied the knot and was still clueless to the significance of these rituals, gift giving was limited to my side of the family, with pretty informal giving for my partner’s side; mostly big holidays and birthdays. Since then, gift giving has grown immensely and has added some obvious stress to finding fresh and unique ideas for each upcoming occasion. Giving has now expanded from my wife and her parents to: siblings, nephews, nieces, godchildren, grandparents, cousins, friends, dogs and pretty much anyone else you could think of. I’m almost surprised we don’t have to pay homage to the sun and Mother Nature, seeing as some of my wife’s friends are rather crunchy granola (not a bad thing). Some gift giving remains pretty informal, of course, and thank goodness. Really, it’s not like we go out and buy doggy playscapes for Sam the cocker spaniel, but we will pick up a treat or two for his overbearing and loving owners that find it important to honor their furry friend’s birthday. I must be honest, though, no matter what and how many occasions creep up on the calendar and stress me out in terms of gift ideas, Mother’s Day has to be the most important and significant day of appreciation that any person (specifically a man) has to prepare for. That might just be my sentiment, but bear with me either way. Not only must I thoughtfully garnish a gift for my own mother, but now, for my beautiful wife and mother of my two children. On top of that, I’ve also got a mother-in-law waiting for my recognition on Mother’s Day! Believe you me, I’m not complaining about showing my appreciation to these very important women in my life, but how on earth am I going to come up with special gifts for each of them? If you’re in my boat (which seems stranded), and I’m assuming many of you men out there are, my words of advice are to take this day very seriously and with a kind of masculine grace. We owe it to our own mothers, mother-in-laws and wives, to be thoughtful, because they have helped shape and mold each of our lives and they will continue to be the backbone of any good man. So, listen up, for I have found a very special way of communicating our appreciation and in a surprisingly easy way, which you should consider when thinking of your own great Mother’s Day gifts. Last year, I contacted the company Edible Arrangements after I saw an ad from them on the television. They offer a variety of fruit bouquets and boxes, all of which you can ask for with dipped chocolate. They’ve got tons of different arrangements to choose from and they set me up with three very beautiful and delicious gifts for those three very important women in my life. Let me tell you, the response I got was tremendous. They are health conscious, delicious, aesthetically beautiful and If you’re really looking for great Mothers Day gifts, you just can’t screw up with Edible Arrangements. Forget the flowers and get with the times!

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