Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gifts for Mothers Day

As a young boy we are taught to be tough, to hold back our emotions, keep quiet about our feelings and to desensitize ourselves from the world around us. Sometimes, even to the people we are supposed to be the closest and most open to. I think for some reason it’s been believed and maybe passed on that this way of thinking and operating in the world would protect us. On most levels, I feel as though being socialized in this way has become an unnecessary evil in our lives that hasn’t been able to be broken. Maybe it’s because at times it has offered us some positive outcomes that we didn’t want to sacrifice. The truth of the matter is that a lot of those times, forcing these stereotypes onto ourselves and others has only inevitably hurt us. In this specific blog article, I’ll briefly focus on the relationship many of us have neglected growing up (among others) because we couldn’t allow ourselves to let go, share in and reap the benefits of many of the beautiful bonds that are available to us. That bond for me, and many of us, has been with our mothers.
These pressures started very early on in our childhood, during the days when mom would drop us off at school and we would be fighting tooth and nail to escape the clutch of her tenderness for fear of being seen as ‘soft.’ You probably decided to endure the terrors of the bus to just to avoid it. Then, we let the incidents grow larger and larger and we allowed ourselves to continue growing farther away from the connectedness we need with our mothers. Connections, as men, that provide us the equipment to function as loving and capable boyfriends, husbands and even friends. The mother-son connection is extremely important and studies show that is also determines, to a large extent, not only what sons think about themselves, but also what they think about women in general. I think women and our mothers deserve more from us and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s not too late to remove that shield of ‘masculinity’ and give them what’s owed. It’s actually the perfect opportunity to reach out and uncover what’s been missing from your relationship with them for however long it may have been lacking. I think you’ll be surprised how much mom, being as wonderful and caring as she is, will ease you through it. All you have to do is keep an open mind. The hardest part will be rifling through the many gifts for Mothers Day to consider when taking this step. You might want to lighten things up, though, and break the ice with something as simple and unique as an Edible Arrangement. They take the beauty and tradition of flowers and add a thoughtful twist that lets her know you’ve been thinking of her and that you are ready to connect with her. For me, this gesture and gift has done wonders for kick starting the new relationship I’ve established with my own mother. Let this year be the year of mother and son, and let a bouquet from Edible Arrangements start the conversation.

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