Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unique Mothers Day Gifts

If you’re mother is anything like mine, she probably dedicates most of her downtime to tending to the garden and working on the landscape around the yard. That love must have been passed on to me, because I also understand and appreciate the beauty of working with your hands and tapping into the earth. To her, there’s nothing better than rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands a little dirty. I’m not really sure though, if it’s her true love of Mother Nature, or if she really just wants some time away from dad, which I am sure a lot of your mothers can relate to! This time of year we can’t deny how great it feels to shake off the winter blues (for some of us, the snow especially) and get outside to enjoy the blue skies and greenery surrounding us. For my mom, this enjoyment also comes with being able to finally get back to transforming our yard into the picture of perfection that she’s always envisioned for it. Raking away the leftovers of fall, plotting, creating again and then being able to pick the fruits and vegetables from her own garden, I can see the glow in her eyes and the happiness that fills her heart. But, let us not forget that this is also the season where we recognize our mothers on Mother’s Day and should reflect on ideas and ways that we can show them our appreciation. It may be easy to forget, as we get wrapped up in our own spring festivities, but it’s important we pay homage in the same dedicated and passionate way that our mother’s pay homage to the earth. I recognize that can be hard, though, if the level of passion your mother has for gardening is, in fact, like my own mothers, as we can be assured that they already own every gardening tool and accessory imaginable. Therefore, that route for gift giving becomes blocked off and we are left at a dead-end, feeling like there is no place else to turn? Maybe your mother has other interests and those paths may offer viable options for you, but I’m currently at a loss. So, my (or our) best bet is to consider more unique Mothers Day gifts, and maybe go down a more creative route that will incorporate gardening in less of a “Here’s a shovel” kind of way. I recently went to a local Edible Arrangements store and saw that they offered a wide variety of fruit arrangements, big and small, and with many ways to personalize whatever option you choose.

 They even have a holiday section where Mother’s Day is clearly covered, and coincidentally enough, they have arrangements that you can purchase in these adorable little watering cans! Not only is that right up her alley, but it’s a cross functional and dynamic gift! Once she eats the fruit, she can either use the little watering can for decorating the house or garden, or she can use it to water smaller plants around the house or even outside, if she so wishes. Thank goodness for Edible Arrangements! Not only will mom love this gift for the fruit, but it pulls deeply at the strings of what she cares about most, and that’s giving back to the earth.

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