Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom's and Family Birthday

You didn’t come with boon-roll together and bows
Instead you arrived in Mother Nature’s trick out apparel
without fault or blemish or flaw with ten little fingers, and ten little toes.
Your Gender determined by the Powers of Heaven, and
He created you are for us, the completed pick.
Additionally as Parents, we undeniably have imperfections.
From the second you were born, you became an entire part of our life
be fond of of parents and children developed into a greater constituent, forming a alliance
Of loving be fond of and cast or frame of mind.
You have inspired in us limitless self-sufficiency, undoubtedly perceptible in your achievements acquired.
From babyhood to grown up you have made our life without fault or blemish or flaw and fulfilling,
Assembling a life of correspondent sense desired.
We’ve gained far more from you, than we ever gave.
Lots of Memories are etched in our minds, plus superadded
Memories of the subsequent time to continually carve.
In inference we want to add,
Have a Wonderful Birthday!
ALL OUR be fond of: Mom and Dad”
~© Margie Parsons~

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